WEF DAVOS | Emtechinvest 24th of May 2022

WEF DAVOS | Emtechinvest 24th of May 2022


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Promenade 63, Ex Bar - EmTech Hub

Programm of the day:



SwissBorg Ventures - How to value layer 0 / layer 1 Blockchain tokens


Sanctum Global Ventures


UN1TY Ventures


Woodstock VC

Unirock Partners - Moderator Victor Larionov

Cypher Capital

New Tribe Capital

Ikigai Ventures
UpLift DAO



Bootstrapping australian and APAC startups 250+ members in Angels and VC network.

7 years on row, $31 million invested in incubator projects in 2021.

Co-founder and Chief architect Anton Dziatkovskii.


The Investor day: Insights from VCs with over 400 millions AUM



Venture Capitalist community will gather together at the EmTech Investment Hub in Davos May 24th. Among participants are VC funds with over 400 millions AUM, private investors, extremely fast growing blockchain&tech projects.  VCs will share unique insights on the panel discussion: ‘Success is hard to earn: how to eliminate costly mistakes for the Startups’ Funds and investors will shed the light on how it’s better to streamline the process of setting up the business, pitching business models etc.

Each project will not only participate in the *FinTech Start up award*, but also be given valuable assessment and feedback on strategy & business model presentation.

Panel Discussions


Startup competition