WEF DAVOS | Emtechinvest 25th of May 2022

WEF DAVOS | Emtechinvest 25th of May 2022


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Promenade 63, Ex Bar - EmTech Hub | Polygon Lounge

Programm of the day:


11:00-12:00        Polygon card collection 


12:00-13:00        Light food and drinks

13:00-13:30        Lessons from Lugano: the City on Blockchain

Find out why and how the City of Lugano moved to blockchain.



Marco Dal Lago, Head of Expansion, Tether and Bitfinex

Pietro Poretti, Director of Economic Development, City of Lugano


13:30-14:00        Digital Identity Revolution. New Web3 solutions are empowering the individual to take control of their data. Polygon’s

team will show examples of innovations changing the way online identities and privacy are




Antoni Martin, Co-Founder, Polygon Hermez and PolygonID

Sergi Mata, Global Enterprise Strategy Manager, Polygon


14:00-14:30        DeFi Lending 2.0 | An overview of 0vix, the core Polygon money-market protocol.



Garry Krugljakow, Founder and CEO, 0VIX and GOGO Protocol


14:30-15:00        Market Risk in Lending Protocols | A demo of the simulation 0vix uses to stress test their lending solutions in a variety

of market conditions.



Daniele Pinna, Head of Quantitative Research and Investment, 0VIX


15:00-17:30        Lounge bar open, use Polygon card to get a discount on food and drinks


17:30-18:00        Blockchain’s Impact on Global Income Inequality | Web3 has the potential to improve economic conditions for the most disadvantaged members of the global society. This session explores the opportunities blockchain technologies create to diametrically change income distribution around the world.



Ravikant Agrawal, Vice President of Strategy, Polygon

Antoni Martin, Co-Founder, Polygon Hermez and PolygonID


18:00-18:30        The Unlimited Potential of the Decentralized Metaverse

It’s not just fun and games. The metaverse has the potential to touch nearly every aspect of life. Polygon’s metaverse expert will explain how.



Brian Trunzo, Metaverse Lead, Polygon Studios


18:30-21:30        Light food and drinks


20:00-21:30        Jazz band


8 pm - 1 am Polygon evening reception co-hosted with CoinTelegraph. Live Jazz night and cool-off


Invite Only



Hard Rock Hotel Davos The Chapel - Future of Finance. For institutional band private investors only.

Programm of the day:


15.30 Opening remarks: Alena Yudina - Founder of Quantum Leap Strategy AG


15.35 Keynote from Nathan Kaiser Cardano Foundation

15.50 Olga Felmeier - CEO of Smart Valor


16:00 - 16:45 "Are cryptocurrencies a good hedge against inflation?"

Moderator: Dustin Plantholt - Editor “Crypto” | Forbes Monaco | Founder Crypterns.com



James Zhang - Senior Director | Investment & Enterprise | UNCTAD

Ibrahim Alkurd -Founder | Lavaliere Capital Management

Emi Lorincz - Director of Sales and Business Development at Ledger | President of Crypto Valley Association | Board Member of Bancor

Pablo Jodar - Financial Products manager at STORM Partners. Ex-JP Morgan investment analyst


16.45 - 17.00 Keynote: the best R/R ratio in a bear market by Alex Fazel, SwissBorg


17:00 - 17:45 "Global Trade: DLT and Crypto"


Moderator: Sheraz Ahmed - Co-Executive Director | Crypto Valley Association | Managing Partner | STORM Partners


Victor Ammer - CEO | Ammer Group

Ekkehard Ernst - AI specialist at ILO | President of Geneva Macro Labs & Future of Work

Joshua Ellul - Chairman of Malta Digital Innovation Authority | Director of Centre for DLT | University of Malta


17.45- 18.00 Keynote: Maxime N.Nassour - Co-Founder & CEO | Saphi International Holding Corp.


18:00 - 18:45 Monetary Reset Forecasts


Moderator: Thierry Arys Ruiz - Chairman & CEO, AgAu AG I Founder of Tarco Think Tank


James Zhang - Senior Director | Investment & Enterprise | UNCTAD

Vladimir Novitskiy - Founder | GoWeb Capital AG

Guenther Dobrauz - Partner& Leader PwC Legal Switzerland | Member of PwC’s Global | Legal Leadership Team

Jean-Marc Seigneur - Director CAS DLT & Blockchain | University of Geneva | Academic Member | UN ITU


18.45 - 19.00 Keynote: Hinrich Pfeifer


19:00 - 19:45 Data Science Behind Identifying Unicorns


Moderator: Eva Szalay - reporter Financial Times


Ari Qayumi - Venture Capitalist | Digital Transformation Leader | Stanford Behavior Design Researcher | Mindful Venture Capital

Ray Wang - Founder, Chairman, & Principal Analyst of Constellation Research | Co-Host of DisrupTV | Best-Selling Author |

Marc P. Bernegger - Co-Founder | AltAlpha Digital | Founding Partner | Maximon - The Longevity Company Builder


19:45 - 21.00 Networking reception